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New York Times
"Stephen Belber writes intelligent dialogue that crackles with biting humor. Michael Cristofer gives the play an absorbing center, delivering a prickly, moving performance. He dominates the play, keeping the sensitivity and the brusqueness in perfect balance so that the audience is never quite sure whether he’s a man to be loved, condemned or pitied. David Wilson Barnes is excellent. Maxx Brawer is subtly funny. Angela Lewis has sharp edges and a soft center. Jennifer Mudge imbues an air of wary affection. "

New York Post
"An intriguing, well-crafted story, a rarity right now, both on Broadway and off. So tense that you could feel the audience holding its collective breath. Engrossing! The excellent cast, under Lucie Tiberghien’s assured direction, crisply handles the twists and turns."

Entertainment Weekly
"Tiberghien guides her cast to build emotion by holding it back. Cristofer pulls off the masterful feat of making Lawrence equal parts proud and deflated, both king and jester of his own court."

"Tiberghien’s taut staging and the actors’ terrifically nuanced turns consistently demand attention."

"A deeply felt, well-crafted piece of theater. Belber deftly explores the ever-shifting dynamics of these five characters, echoing the plays of Arthur Miller and Tony Kushner. Each character is also given sharp shadings by this accomplished cast. Barnes is terrifying and utterly heartbreaking. Cristofer delivers a performance of staggering intensity and emotional depth throughout this thought-provoking work."

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