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BROADWAY.COM: Video interview with Alice Ripley… (watch now)

THEATERMANIA: Gideon Glick Goes Wild
"Glick: I felt I needed to play this part. I thought the relationship between the two boys is fascinating, and I was also drawn to how realistic and extraordinary the writing is. I feel fortunate that I'm able to do new work…" (more)

BLOOMBERG NEWS: Boy Scouts Gone Wild
"The wild card in Thomas Higgins’s breezy psychological thriller Wild Animals You Should Know is Matthew (Jay Armstrong Johnson), a toned suburban teenager who excels at everything except understanding himself. In the opening scene of the MCC Theater production, the purported hetero alpha male gleefully strips to his underwear for the benefit, via Skype, of his gay Boy Scout buddy, Jacob (Gideon Glick). Moments later, Matthew is the voyeur when, through his bedroom window, he observes their scoutmaster with another man. That revelation sets up an eventful scouting outing. The boys’ disconnected dads bond in the woods over six-packs, what chubby Larry (Daniel Stewart Sherman) calls “nature’s nectar.” Elsewhere in the woods, Matthew taunts the scoutmaster (John Behlmann, immensely sympathetic) to disastrous effect. With its allusions to gay sex, this 95-minute one-act won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But Higgins also offers some keen observations, highlighted in Trip Cullman’s fine production. The cast also includes the excellent Alice Ripley as Matthew’s mom and MCC co-founder Patrick Breen, who’s terrific as a henpecked father reasserting himself a little too late…" (more)

HUFFINGTON POST: Gay Boy Scouts On The Prowl In Wild Animals
"Thomas Higgins has nailed down some fresh relationships and intriguing moments. Jay Armstrong Johnson is magnetic and mercurial as Matthew, reveling in this character's many layers, the excitement over his burgeoning sex appeal and the power that gives him. You can't keep your eyes off him, which is exactly how he likes it…" (more)

THEATERMANIA: Wild Animals You Should Know
"Jay Armstrong Johnson nicely captures his character's dissatisfaction with his existence, as well as the uncertainty Matthew experiences when he thinks he may have pushed things a little too far. John Behlmann delivers an understated performance that has a quiet power to it, particularly when Rodney feels cornered and seems ready to change the rules of the game that Matthew has established. Gideon Glick gets some of the best lines in the play, and delivers them with comic aplomb. Yet, he also handles the more serious elements of his character well, creating an emotionally rich portrait of a gay teen who feels a combination of love, desire, anger, and envy towards his best friend…" (more)

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