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"The show's list of delights is so long I haven't left myself sufficient space to do justice...and will have to leave you to discover its many ingenuities for yourself."
- Village Voice

"The production, presented by MCC Theater, hasn’t been lavished with expensive special effects but with that special brand of make-believe that can turn a dreary afternoon magical...The joy of this family entertainment is seeing a superb group of theater artists exercising their imagination – and getting you to do the same."
- Backstage

"In the hands of The Magnetic Fields mastermind Stephin Merritt, the story retains every bit of its fantastical, delightfully macabre tone."
- Spin

"Houdyshell is one of our most sensitive actresses, and her characterization of a bold, resourceful little heroine is spot-on. David Greenspan is mesmerizing!"
- New York Post

"Steeped in off-kilter charm!  The show has already extended its run and it's easy to understand why."
- Ben Brantley, New York Times

"The big, glossy, efficiently tidy musicals often seen uptown, with nay a hair out of place, aren't an eighth as fresh or as much fun as Corlaine."
Village Voice

"After so many literal musical adaptations of existing material that overillustrate while displaying too little invention of their own, there’s something delightful about the way Coraline demands giant leaps of imagination from its audience…The show is devilishly funny...wildly unconventional!"
- Variety

"An eerie, imaginative little musical... Unique, fascinating entertainment!"
- Associated Press

"Jayne Houdyshell could probably transform the reading of a macaroni and cheese recipe into a
tour-de-force.  Watching her do absolutely nothing is more entertaining than witnessing many actors scale the heights of Shakespeare."
- New York Times

"Stephin Merritt is the greatest songwriter of his generation."
-Time Out New York

"Critics sometimes compare Stephin Merritt with Cole Porter because Porter is shorthand for the kind of smart, urbane lyrics Merritt writes."
-New York Times

“David Greenspan is probably all-round the most talented theater artist of my generation.”
Tony Kushner

"Neil Gaiman is, simply put, a treasure-house of story, and we are lucky to have him
in any medium."
- Stephen King

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