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Below are three samples from the original Demo CD for Coraline. They are performed by Stephin Merritt, who wrote Coraline's music and lyrics. In the production, his music will be performed on a piano “orchestra” – complete with a traditional piano, a toy piano, and a prepared piano (a piano that has had its sound altered by attaching objects – such as tinfoil, rubber bands and playing cards – to the strings). Although Merritt does not perform in Coraline, his words and haunting melodies will not soon be forgotten...

Sample 1
Poor bored Coraline tries to get attention from her parents,
who work far too much for Coraline's liking.

Sample 2
Coraline passes through the door and into another world, a perfected replica of
her own. There she is greeted by her Other Mother and Other Father.

Sample 3
The rats emerge. Spies for the Other Mother, they are frightening adversaries
in Coraline's quest to save her family.

Click here to listen to more music by Stephin Merritt on Blip.fm.
Click here to listen to the music from the Opening Night Party.
Click here to subscribe to MCC Theater's podcast.


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