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About    PlayLabs   

For years, MCC Theater’s PlayLabs were one of the city’s best kept secrets: readings of new plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working today.  In 2008 PlayLabs went public.  We brought audiences into the play development process, where they heard brand-new works and met the writers, actors, and directors at our post-reading receptions.

Fall 2013 PlayLabs
This series was presented at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.

Mon Sept 9, 7pm
by Julian Sheppard
director Gaye Taylor Upchurch

Mon Sept 16, 7pm
by Brooke Berman
director Trip Cullman

Mon Sept 23, 7pm
Mike and Seth

written & directed by Daniel Talbott

Mon Sept 30
Nicholas Maeve Marianne
by Matthew Stephen Smith
director Jaclyn Biskup

Spring 2013 PlayLabs
This series was presented at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.

Mon Jun 3, 7pm

by Adam Szymkowicz
director Ethan McSweeny

Mon Jun 10, 7pm
oing Home
written and directed by Ed Napier

Mon Jun 24, 7pm
New Hampshire, New York

written by Ashlin Halfnight

Spring 2012 PlayLabs
This series was presented at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.

Mon Apr 16
My New Best Friend
by Brooke Berman
director Leigh Silverman
with Jenn Harris, Laura Heisler, Louisa Krause, Alfredo Narciso

Mon Apr 23
written by Crystal Skillman
directed by Evan Caccioppoli
with Hunter Canning, Jimmy Davis, Clayton Fox, Joshua Levine, Nathan Miller, Diana Stahl

Mon Apr 30
The Interview
written by Alex Lewin
directed by Mike Donahue
with Betsy Aidem, Charles Socarides

Mon May 7
written by Blair Singer
directed by Jenn Thompson
with Joanna Adler, Jenny Bacon, Aya Cash, Gibson Frazier, Matthew Rauch, Laila Robins

Spring 2011 PlayLabs

Mon, Apr 18
Written by Alex Lewin
With Jacqueline Antaramian, Tala Ashe, Demosthenese Chrysan, Jason Butler Harner, Daoud Heidami, Debargo Sanyal
Directed by Shana Gold

Mon, Apr 25
The Writing on the Wall
Written and directed by Ed Napier
With Matthew Rauch, Greg McFadden, Christopher Thorn, Richard Short

Mon, May 9
Terms of Encampment
Written and directed by Anton Dudley
With Robert Hogan, Keith Nobbs, Sharon Scruggs, Delphi Harrington

Fall 2010 PlayLabs

Mon, Oct 18
by Jason Chimonides
With Kate Jennings Grant, Thomas Sadoski
Directed by Josh Hecht

Mon, Oct 25
The Fat Cat Killers
by Adam Szymkowicz
With Michael Chernus, Erin Gann, Ian Kahn
Directed by Ethan McSweeny

Mon, Nov 8
Good Deeds for a Weary World
by Gary Sunshine
With David Costabile, Brad Heberlee, Kellie Overbey, Lucas Papaelias, Jeanine Serralles, Libby Woodbridge
Directed by Davis McCallum

Spring 2010 PlayLabs

Mon, Mar 8
A Hard Wall at High Speed
by Ashlin Halfnight
directed by Josh Hecht
with Halley Feiffer, Greg Keller, Jennifer Mudge, Corey Stoll

Mon, Mar 22
Girls Day
by Steven Levenson
directed by Evan Cabnet
with Aya Cash, Halley Feiffer, Nicole Lowrance, Alfredo Narciso, Lucas Papaelias

Mon, Apr 5
See You Later
by Alex Lewin
directed by Daniel Aukin
with Greg Keller, Austin Lysy

Fall 2009 PlayLabs

Mon, Oct 26
Fluid Love
written and Directed by Anton Dudley
with Isabel Keating, Polly Lee, Peter O'Connor, Armando Riesco

Mon, Nov 2
7 Ways to Mourn the Dead
by Matthew Stephen Smith
directed by Esther Neff
With Louis Cancelmi, Sasha Higgins, Marin Ireland, Chelsea O'Connor, Larry Pine, Matthew Rauch, Joan Rosenfels, Michael Urie

Mon, Nov 9
Sleeping Rough

by Kara Manning
directed by Wendy McClellan
With Aya Cash, Margaret Colin, Michael Countryman

Spring 2009 PlayLabs

Mon, Apr 6
by Kathryn Walat
directed by Evan Cabnet
with Jeremy Bobb, Susie Pourfar, Joan Rosenfels, Jedadiah Schultz, Jeanine Serralles

Mon, Apr 13

by Blair Singer
with Chris McKinney, Megan McQuillan, Miriam Shor, Michael Solomon

Mon, Apr 20
The Further Adventures of Suzanne and Monica

by Alex Lewin
directed by Heath Cullens
with Kathryn Foster, Judith Hawking, Miriam Silverman, Jenny Seastone Stern

Mon, Apr 27
Seven Stars

by Ann Marie Healy
directed by Carolyn Cantor
with Betsy Aidem, Jennifer Harmon, Louisa Krause, Quentin Mare, Will Rogers, Joe Urla

Fall 2008 PlayLabs

Mon, Oct 27
Second Life
by Ashlin Halfnight
with Patch Darragh, Laura Heisler, Jamie Klassel, Matthew Stadelman, Ryan O'Nan

Mon, Nov 3
by Julian Sheppard
with Aya Cash, Kat Foster, Jenny Gammello, Greg Keller, Kobi Libii, Piter Marek, Michael Shannon, Bobby Steggert, Rob Yang

Mon, Nov 10
The Jesus Year
by Brooke Berman
directed by Trip Cullman
with Lynn Cohen, Ari Graynor, Marin Ireland, Lucas Papaelias, Eddie Kaye Thomas

Mon, Nov 17
A Lifetime Burning
by Cusi Cram
directed by Evan Cabnet
with Orlagh Cassidy, Kelly McAndrew, Keira Naughton, Alejandro Rodriguez

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